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Meet Donna!
« on: December 29, 2016, 10:35:26 AM »
Donna's No and Low Cost GreatGearXchange Is Here For You!

My name is Donna Wardean.  I started jumping in May of 1966 at Arvin, California (The Cradle of Relative Work).  In the early days, in the mid '60's, my peers were generous in sharing what they knew about RW.  How to safely get from point A to Point B. (Today this genre is known as formation flying of various types.)  Well, they were BIG and I was small.  So, their advice didn't always translate or work for me but it gave me a place to start.  I loved the Sport and the challenge...and I had a great career!  So, as others followed me, I paid it forward.  My personal passion has ALWAYS been to help people who were young in our Sport to Grow, Mature and Flourish.  Coaching and encouraging is something that came naturally to me because well, that's me.... and, my peers, those early RW men, shared what they knew with me.

I bought my first rig as soon as I could.  It was Army surplus, it was old,  it was big, it was  ugly, it was worn, it was round, it was altered into a double L; but, before I could save enough money to buy a brand new canopy in a can and have my personal rig made in my personal color...that old rig I bought for $35.00 saved my life a whole lot of times!!

So, I have created GREATGEARX.ORG to help YOU through the initial transition from excellent student to excellent Skydiver!!  WELCOME!  (and don't forget...IT'S FREE TO USE!)